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Why does man look for a God?  Why does man, in every nation, in every state of society, want a perfect ideal somewhere, either in man, in God, or elsewhere?  Because that idea is within you.  It was your own heart beating and you did not know; you were mistaking it for something external.  It is the God within your own self that is impelling you to seek Him, to realize Him.  After long searches here and there, in temples and in churches, on earth and in heaven, at last you come back to your own soul, completing the circle from where you started, and find that He whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries, shrouded in the clouds, is the nearest of the near, is your own Self, the reality of your life, body and soul. …  By means of spiritual discipline the individual soul ultimately recognizes its oneness with the Universal Soul.
     —     Swami Vivekananda
From:  “Jnana Yoga
[Have you found God?  Perhaps God is not out there?  Perhaps God is in you, now.  Perhaps there is a universal God who actually is in each of us.  Search.  Start by looking at the person in the mirror.  Not from a Christian prophet;  but, still a powerful message.    —    kmab]
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