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Movie Review: Footloose (the remake)
Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon at the movies with my daughter Sarah catching the remake of the 1984 kids-dancing classic:  Footloose.
It’s impossible to spoil the movie because the remake is almost a duplicate of the original and it’s hard to imagine anyone going to see this version who hasn’t already seen the original.  The premise is as hokie as ever, but it doesn’t really matter.  The acting is okay.  The direction is okay.  The movie runs through almost all the same stuff.  The dancing is marginally better – more acrobatic and less pop-n-stop;  but strangely less fun.  The change to the music in the warehouse gym / dance was poor.  It didn’t fit the movie or the timing of the dance.  I didn’t think the town preacher and wife were anywhere near as good in this version.  Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow were much better in the original.  I also missed the book burning scene, which was the transformation scene in the original – the dangers of censorship.
Is it better?  No.  Is it a great movie (what ever that means)?  No.  Is it charming and enjoyable?  Very much so.  Was it worth the time and cash?  Yup.  Recommendation:  Check it out.  There’s a lot worse ways to spend two hours.  If you haven’t watched the original in some time, go see this first.  It (this version) will suffer less from comparison.

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Father, Forgive them;  for they know not what they do.
     —    Luke 23:34
[Father, Forgive them;  for I will not.  Today, I heard on the news that some “Tea Party” Republicans are calling on all small businesses to NOT hire a single new worker until the “Occupied” movement is halted.  I hope they put their names on a petition so we know where to give our business – and where NOT to give our business.   —    KMAB]

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