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Our mission as advisors in 1967 was to do exactly what American advisors are trying to do in Iraq now:  train the local army to assume all security and nation-building duties and permit us to go home.  We never managed to do it effectively in Vietnam, and we are unlikely to be given enough time to get it done completely in Iraq, either.  Among other things, it takes more than simply sending over advisors, regardless of how well trained, qualified, and committed they are.  It takes the dedication of all executive departments in an organized, centrally directed, and concerted effort.  That’s not something one sees in Iraq.
    —    Col. Jack Jacobs (Ret.), a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (and Douglas Century)
From their book:  “If Not Now, When?
[We could not “save” Vietnam.  We will not be able to prevent the collapse of Iraq.  And we will NEVER (in anything less than a hundred years) be able to build a modern, functional democracy in Afghanistan.  The sooner we are out of both Iraq and Afghanistan, the better off we will be as a nation.  Does anyone seriously believe we will not bankrupt the United States before we are able to “help” the Afghans stand on their own?  We are building both (Iraq and Afghanistan) houses on sand.  When the first rains come, both will be washed away.    —    kmab]

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