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Let us henceforth make war on all monopolies — whether corporate or union.  The enemy of freedom is unrestrained power, and the champions of freedom will fight against the concentration of power wherever they find it.
    —    Sen. Barry Goldwater
From his book:  “The Conscience Of A Conservative
[For thirty years we have seen nothing but union busting, worker subjugation and the steady increase of power (economic and political) by the corporations willing to weaken America and our freedoms by the constant drumbeat of foreign competition – by both exporting jobs to other countries and importing labor to increase the supply of workers inside the United States.  The net effect of both tactics must always be to drive down the costs of labor for all workers even those at the very top end of the labor market (corporate management).  It is simple supply and demand.  It is just a matter of time before multinational corporations recognize they don’t have to pay hundreds of millions to American executives, when they can pay tens of millions to Asian or European executives.  The loss of jobs is incremental from the bottom up – workforce, supervisors, management, executives.  The American conservative movement has promoted the erosion and crippling of the workforce (apprentice and journeyman) and supervisor levels of our economy.  Much of the management level has also been lost.  Executives are increasingly in the target cross-hairs…  Where are our champions of freedom?     —     kmab]

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