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“Republican candidates,” Vice President Nixon has said, “should be economic conservatives, but conservatives with a heart.”  President Eisenhower announced during his first term, “I am conservative when it comes to economic problems but liberal when it comes to human problems.”  Still other Republican leaders have insisted on calling themselves “progressive” Conservatives.”  These formulations are tantamount to an admission that Conservatism is a narrow, mechanistic economic theory that may work very well as a bookkeeper’s guide, but cannot be relied upon as a comprehensive political philosophy.
  —    Senator Barry Goldwater
Quoted from his book:  “The Conscience Of A Conservative
[Isn’t it interesting that Senator Goldwater was able to tell us over 50 years ago EXACTLY what the problem is with Conservatism in the United States.  In fact, he did not go far enough, because he should have stated not that it could not be relied upon, but that it would ultimately fail miserably for a functioning government in a country moving to a post-manufacturing society.  Note:  I did NOT say “post-industrial”.  We have industries.  We simply don’t manufacture enough solid, tangible goods to support our society and our economic welfare.  I would argue the current Republicans are NOT Conservatives at all.  They are Corporatists.  They are not interested in personal freedom.  They ARE interested in Corporate profits.  Full stop.    —    kmab]

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