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My intellectual taste ran to simple, comfortable constructs, and nothing was more comfortable than leading soldiers and doing soldierly things and living among people who were performing very difficult tasks at the lowest level in pursuit of an ideal.  Being on staff was life as a bureaucrat, and bureaucracies are organized to do routine things in a routine way.  They are committees, notoriously inefficient and obstructionist enemies of the people.  I wanted to be a platoon leader, I liked being a platoon leader, and I wanted to continue being a platoon leader.
     ––    Colonel Jack Jacobs (Ret.)
Medal of Honor recipient
From his book:  “If Not Now, When?
[There is something refreshing (and admirable) about a person who wants to be at the focal point of contact – be it with a customer (salesman) or an enemy (soldier).  Or, come to think of it, a mother breastfeeding her baby.   —   kmab]

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