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The Rose – before I saw the movie (which I believe I’ve only seen once and don’t really remember at all), I heard the song…  It blew me away then…  And, it still does today.  I’ve probably listened to this song a couple of hundred times – many, many times just driving to work in the morning and singing along at the top of my lungs as the CD blared.  (It’s good to drive by yourself!!)  The song popped into my head today, and I couldn’t get it out so I knew I had to add it to my poems page.  While I was listening to it on YouTube, I ran across two of Bette’s other hits which I really enjoy, too…
So, I’ve added them to my “Poems” page:
The Rose  (my favorite Bette song)
From A Distance
Wind Beneath My Wings
As usual, enjoy the words first, then go listen to the Great Bette Midler sing them.  Your mind will be a better place today!!

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It is particularly important for leaders to help in restoring the face-to-face community — in the family and extended family, in schools, congregations, workplaces, neighborhoods.  That is where shared values are generated, and if they decay that is where they decay.
    —    John W. Gardner
From the preface of his book:  “On Leadership

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