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Of course, congregational membership is not to be confused with truth.  All of the world’s great religions started small.  So while a denomination’s fall in membership may say a lot about what the people want, many would argue it doesn’t say anything about what God wants, or about what congregants will want over time.  The cold statistics now show that this new class of women clergy is having a tough time, as the stricter religions are growing and the liberalized religions are shrinking.  But this pendulum has swung many times before, and the role of religion today in so many of the world’s conflicts may cause a reaction against religious polarization, and then Stained Glass Ceiling Breakers may be the pioneers of a new movement poised to become the mainstream of modern religion.  Consensus and compassion may be on the outs right now, but they are bound to make a comeback.
    —    Mark J. Penn
Quoted from:  “Microtrends” by Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne
[The idea of “Stained Glass Ceiling Breakers” reminded me of “The DaVinci Code“.  Bold prediction time:  Women in the Catholic priesthood is just a matter of time.  Keep the faith, ladies.    —    KMAB]

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