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…In getting rid of yesterday.  But business does reasonably well in this area.  Businessmen are just as sentimental about yesterday as bureaucrats.  They are just as reluctant to abandon anything.  They are just as likely to respond to the failure of a product or program by doubling the efforts invested in it.  But they are, fortunately, unable to indulge freely in their predilections.  They stand under an objective discipline, the discipline of the market.  They have an objective outside measurement, profitability.  And so they are forced (much to their chagrin) to slough off the unsuccessful and unproductive sooner or later.
    —    Peter F. Drucker
From his book:  “The Age Of Discontinuity
[Actually, it is only when the marginal cost of continuing to do something is “far” greater than the cost of AND benefit from change that business will change.  Business executives continue obsolete products and processes because they “believe” the historical process and its costs are understood and, therefore, manageable.   —    KMAB]

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