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Back in the gym (at work) this morning.  First time since the end of December, 2010 (see blog post:  1,001).  Since then, I’ve been in an Emergency Room twice and a cardiac intensive care unit overnight.  All in all, I guess I should be happy to be here at all let alone commenting on how I’ve finally gotten to my 1,000th and 2nd workout.  (I’m still not counting my home / schoolyard jogs and walks.)
So, I’m back in the gym and struggling to do my slow jog.  My legs are dead.  I made it through the two miles (my goal for the workout), but it was in a fairly pitiful 38 minutes.  To think, just a few months ago I was doing two miles in just under 24 minutes.  As I was showering, I thought back to my Army days when you had to run 2 miles in under 18 minutes or you failed your PT test.  Anyway, I got through the jog.  I then added in a couple of sets of crunches (2X25).  I’m so out of shape now, even that little bit was gut busting.  Still, each day I’ll get better.  My goal is four sets of 50 for 200 reps a workout.  That’s pretty much how I started out thirteen years ago in Saudi, except then, I started with three sets of ten.  Of course, within a couple of weeks I was up to four sets of twenty-five.  I did a little light stretching and that was it for my first visit back.
The bad news is I’m almost exactly where I was two years ago, when I started the Fat Smash Diet – 330 lbs.  Very discouraging.  I got down to 292, before my little (and not so little) injuries and illnesses started adding up.  My unofficial high was actually 337 lbs.  I dropped the seven pounds before I went on my “official” weigh in.  So, I’m still down by seven pounds now that I’m starting this new cycle.
The best news is I felt pretty good for the rest of the day.  So, here’s to making progress to 2,000 visits and getting back below 300 lbs!

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