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Got home from work and went out back to help my daughter Sarah practice her bench presses.  She’s taking a class in weight lifting in high school PE and she needs to increase her lifts to get a decent grade.  Her max is 70 lbs X 5 reps.  Today she was able to do 60 lbs about five times and 50 lbs ten times.  She’s making very good progress.  I also had her doing some crunches and back strengthening.  I’m hoping to have her up to 90 lbs X 5 reps by the end of March.
After helping Sarah, I went across the street to the schoolyard for a slow jog.  I did my normal 70 minutes;  about 4 miles.  It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either.  Today was my first day back since my trip to the ER on Valentine’s Day.  Eight days ago…  Anyway, no vertigo and it helped my confidence to get through a jog.  As I so fondly say – slowly, slowly…

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Likeness to truth is not the same as truth.

—   Peter L. Bernstein
Against The Gods

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