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Saturday, Donnie and I went up to spend the day with my brother Sean and his son.  We went out to lunch and then hung out to watch some boxing in the evening before heading home.  I had a real enjoyable day just hanging out.
While there at Sean’s, Donnie and Sean were discussing a movie titled:  “Mississippi Burning“.  They both thought it was a terrific movie and both recommended it.  My brother owns the DVD, so I borrowed it and watched it last night.
The 1988 film is loosely based on an actual multiple homicide which happened in 1964.  The triple murder is racially based and is committed by members of the Ku Klux Klan.  The movie is a powerful indictment of America as it was just 50 years ago but watching TV (FAUX News) from today, one is left wondering if it’s changed much in many parts of this country.
I am not into “horror/slasher” films anymore.  I guess I’ve out-grown the genre of pointless scares and brutal murders.  After watching the horror depicted in “Mississippi Burning“, it’s hard to even imagine the real terror in the hearts of those Americans who had to endure generations of such treatment.   One scene in particular was particularly troubling – probably from the sense of “deja vu” it engendered.  The Grand Dragon of the the KKK was giving a speech to the “faithful” and he was blaming all non-protestant, non-anglo saxon, liberal people for threatening their “American” way of life in small town Mississippi – and I swear I could hear Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck spewing their poison about “them” and “those people” and taking back “our” country.
Well, I’m mighty sorry Michele, Sarah and Glenn – this is MY country and I’m not giving it back!  I gave four years of my life in the Army in service to MY country.  Two years in Germany as the first line of defense protecting NATO from the WARSAW Pact.  I’ve also spent the last 30-plus years in the middle class working and paying my taxes.  I’m not going back to the way it was – this IS my country.  If YOU hate the way it is NOW, you leave – because I love America and I see better days ahead if we keep moving forward.
Mississippi Burning” is an excellent movie and I highly recommend it.  I recommend it as a reminder of where we’ve come from and where we can slip back to if we are not careful.  If you haven’t seen it – or haven’t seen it recently, I highly recommend you check it out.  (Did I mention I recommend this film?)
Other Thoughts:
Today I went out for a walk with Hil.  We were out for about an hour and I never got dizzy.  My ear was throbbing a bit and is still not 100%, but I’m getting better.  After that, I took my son James out for a driving lesson.  He’s making progress.  Sarah is off at school practicing for her band competitions coming up soon.  Later this evening, Hil, Sarah and I are going to see “The Kings Speech“, so I’ll have another review to do soon…
Happy President’s Day to everyone!  God bless America!

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Fear of harm ought to be proportional not merely to the gravity of the harm, but also to the probability of the event.
    —    Antoine Arnauld

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