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Another day of overtime.  I spent most of the day coding.  It’s unusual to find an activity which is both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time – but coding is definitely it for me.  I have an application at work which I developed about 6 years ago and which is still in use.  I needed to to do a non-trivial update to it and I really wasn’t looking forward to it.  These things can take weeks or months when you’re trying to squeeze development time into a normally busy day.  The depth of thought required does not lend itself to well to frequent interruptions and otherwise fire-fighting.  What took about six hours of just sitting there and getting it done, probably would have taken as many weeks – so I’m glad there was budget to cover the time.
After work, I dropped by a friend’s house to help him with his taxes. He had some questions and I walked him through TurboTax.  He had 98% of it done, and probably could have figured out the rest, but I managed to save him a bit of time.
Hil got her hair done.  Then she cooked up a lovely steak for dinner tonight.  It was our little “early” Valentine’s Day dinner together.  Candles, red wine and everything.  I’ve already written my little message to her in her card, which I’m planning to put on her pillow in a bit.  We’re all human and nobody is perfect – but she’s pretty perfect for me…  Ok, cancel that last bit.  Hil is definitely perfect!  She just brought me some warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream for my afters!!  Eat your hearts out, dear readers…
I managed to squeeze my evening jog in between helping my friend and Hil cooking dinner.  I’m closing in on a two-week streak (I hope I haven’t jinxed myself).  If I can just keep it up a for 4 to 6 more weeks, maybe it’ll become a habit and I’ll keep going for a good long while.  I wouldn’t hold my breath though, as I’m normally a person of moderation and don’t slip into many “good” habits.  Even at my best, I’m only one day off away from slipping into bad habits.  A day’s rest becomes a week, and then a couple, and then a month – and before you know it, you’re starting from scratch again.
The jog itself wasn’t too bad.  The night is cool and clear and the school yard wasn’t busy. My legs felt “heavy” today.  I don’t know if it’s 10 straight days of jogging or the intervals from last evening.  I’m hoping to get up a little earlier tomorrow to get my jog out of the way before we go to Mass.  If I can force myself out of bed early enough, I might be able to get a full two hours in as the sun rises.  I like the explosion of sounds as the baby birds all start to wake up and call for food.  It’s also nice to see the sky change color and the grass and trees seem to come alive.
My friend (above) has asked Hil and me out for lunch.  He treated us a couple of weeks ago and he didn’t feel we got our money’s worth, so he called Hil during the week to arrange a “re-match”.  He’s always good for a belly laugh (or two) so I’m always happy to spend time with him.
On the world news front: Mubarak has resigned and Egypt is facing the hard part of being free – now you have to actually run a country for the benefit of the people – instead of the few.  I pray for you, still.  It will take long and the road may be muddy and rough but you’ll get there (Inshallah!!)  Remember, you can have peace AND freedom.

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At some rare times, when I have been in great distress of soul, or in utter uncertainty how to act in an important case which required a speedy determination, after using all other means that occurred, I have cast lots, or opened the Bible.  And by this means I have been relieved from that distress or directed in that uncertainty.
    —    John Wesley
Collected Works, Vol. 5

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