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Back at work today, after being off yesterday for a root canal and crown.  Tomorrow’s Friday, so the week is basically done, but today seemed a long one…
I found what looks like an interesting book on Microsoft Expression and an article on managing across generations.  Both look worthy of a post when I finally complete them.  I currently use Expression as my replacement for FrontPage.  I was also using Visual Studio, but there wasn’t enough funding to get me the new version, so I was downgraded to Expression.  I’m not complaining.  Expression seems to meet my needs 99% of the time and the rest I don’t even know about anyway (probably).
News from the home front:  The Mount Diablo School District is closing a number of schools and Holbrook Elementary (the school across the street from my home) is one of them.  They “say” it’s not “permanent” and they’ll re-open it if the economy picks up and / or if there is an influx of kids that age.  The reality is, they’ve never re-opened a school once it’s been closed.  We’re not in the high class area and the folks around here don’t vote as consistently as other areas so there’s less reason for local politicians to support a school in our area.  The funny thing is, we actually take in a lot of kids from even poorer areas, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the “better” schools when they not only have to cope with kids from our area, but the poorer kids too.  Those parents are going to be in for a shock when their schools scores start dropping like lead weights.  Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee…
Jogging:  It seems like I’ve settled on mostly shorter jogs this week.  Tonight I did another 4 miles.  Between OT this Saturday and Church on Sunday, it doesn’t seem like I’m going to find time for a “longer” jog.  I was hoping to get in at least a two hour jog (about 7 miles) and work out in my “flats”, but I may not get the time.  I’ve lost about 4-6 lbs since the start of the month.  So my journey down the scale starts again…
I haven’t really had any problems with my jogging lately except the outside top of my left foot is bothering me.  I hope it’s something I can continue to train through and not some stress fracture.  Time will tell…
World News:  Not much change in Egypt.  The people are increasingly out in the streets.  The military seems to have sided with the people.  So far, Allah Akbar, the events have been mostly peaceful.  Hundreds have been hurt and a few killed, but in a demonstration with hundreds of thousands, that is really not very many.  Inshallah, the protests will continue peacefully until the government really changes.  Egypt – you are still in my prayers!

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The decision that I made to do my own translations, even though I knew neither Hebrew nor Greek, was one of the best decisions in my life.  For I learned that the absolute best way to find out what you don’t understand is to try to express something in your own words.  If I had been operating only in input mode, look at other translations but not actually trying to output the thoughts they expressed, I would never have come to grips with the many shades of meaning that lurk just below the surface.  In fact, I would never have realized that such shades of meaning even exist, if I had just been inputting.  The exercise of producing output, trying to make a good translation by yourself, is a tremendous help to your education.
    —    Donald E. Knuth
From his book:  “Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About
[Emphasis – italics, bolding and underlining are mine.
The absolute proof of knowledge about something is being able to explain it in your own words.    —    KMAB]

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