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Got up early to get my jog out-of-the-way.  I wore my Ahnu “flats” for the first time in ages.  I do enjoy the better feel for the ground.  I’m looking forward to phasing them back in and to start using my VFFs.  I’ve had the Bikila model for several months now and only taken them out twice for a jog.  The other times I’ve worn them have just been for walking around or in work.  Something to look forward to…!
I’ve got church and then the trip to my sister’s for the SuperBowl.  After that, it’s drop Mom off at home and get ready for work tomorrow.  Yesterday’s OT makes the short weekend feel even shorter!  Still it’s good to have a job where I’m constantly learning and growing…
Even though I’m pretty indifferent to both teams today, I’ll be rooting for the Green Bay Packers.  The Steelers already have six SuperBowl wins and a seventh will make it even harder for the Niner’s to catch them.  We have five wins and no losses.  Both the Steelers and the Cowboys have six, but they both also have losses.
My prediction: Packers – 30; Steelers 17.  Packers jump on them 10-0.  Steelers stage a comeback, but Pack still ahead at the half 17-7.  Steelers start to close 17-14.  Packers put them away to win it 30-17.  In the end both quarterbacks play well, but Green Bay’s secondary plays better than the Steelers’ front seven.  The big loss is the Steelers’ All-Pro rookie center, who is out for the game due to an ankle injury.  The Steelers are not able to run inside effectively as they normally do and they are not a run-wide team.
We’ll see…

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I’m convinced that computer science grew so fast and is so vital today because there are people all over the world who have a peculiar way of thinking, a certain way of structuring knowledge in their heads, a mentality that we now associate with a discipline of its own.  This mentality isn’t sharply focused, in the space of all possible ways of thinking;  but it’s different enough from other ways — from the mentalities of physicists and mathematicians that I spoke of earlier — that the people who had it in the old days were scattered among many different departments, more or less orphans in their universities.  Then suddenly, when it turned out that their way of thinking correlated well with being able to make a computer do tricks, these people found each other.
    —    Donald E. Knuth
From his book:  “Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About

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