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Tonight I wish the people of Egypt peace…  Salaam, Egypt.
Throughout time, moments come when the voices of caution face the forces of change.  We are now watching history!
This week, the glowing ember of freedom is sparking into fire in the chests of the Egyptian people.  Tomorrow will see the million person march.  History will be on display and we (the people of the world) will be watching it.
This week, the first tentative steps to a new Egypt have been taken.  Small steps.  Important steps.  The people are stirring.  Their voices are rising.  “Hope and justice.”
There has been violence.  There will be more…  Salaam, Egypt.  The future is peace.  Move firmly towards the future and strive to do it peacefully.  The world is watching you.  Allah is watching you.
Poland, South Africa, the Philippines, East Germany…
Peace works!  The transition will not be easy.  True liberty and self-determination are both messy, but hard work will bring you both if you seek them with peaceful determination.  Salaam, Egypt.
I wish I could promise you the United States government will support you in your immediate efforts.  I can not.  Here the voices of caution and half measures can never acknowledge the fierce urgency of now which beats in your hearts.  To do so would mean we have to acknowledge the hearts and hopes of others like you who are not quite ready to take the steps you are now taking.  Take heart, the people of America wish you freedom and hope and justice even if our government cannot openly side with you (at the moment).
Salaam, Egypt.  Eschew violence.   Salaam, Egypt.  We are watching and we are praying for you…

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Learning occurs at the fringes of what you already know;  so that you learn some new things similar to what you know already.  If what you are trying to learn is not too far away from what you already know, you can learn.  The bigger that fringe is — the more you know — the more likely it is, the more possible it is, to discover new things.
    —    Douglas B. Lenat

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