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Today I had a perfectly normal day and it was terrific!
Wake up.  Breakfast in bed with my wonderful wife and a nice morning read of a good book (not quite done yet).
I then went to give some blood for my INR / enzyme test for my doctor’s appointment this week.  The blood place could not find my standing order for the test so I sat about 40 minutes in their waiting area for nothing.  They were very apologetic, but they could not do the test without instructions from the cardiologist.  A nice lady was sitting in the waiting area with her children, said she is a nurse, the test is very important and they should make an extra effort to contact the doctor on call for the cardiologist office to see if he would authorize the test.  The office lady agreed and called the cardiologist and was referred to the doctor on call, who said he would not be able to fax the authorization today.  The office lady apologized for my having to wait, but said there was nothing she could do.  I think she thought I was going to be upset.  Instead, I thanked her for her time and the extra effort to contact the on duty doctor.  I also thanked the lady (nurse) in the waiting area for trying to assist me.
I needed some cash, so I stopped off at the bank ATM.  Across the street is our local used book store, so I stopped there to have a nose.  I found seven books which looked interesting and got them for $17.  They are not books I would go out of my way to look for, but they do look interesting and when you can find five hardbound books (and two soft jackets) for $2-$3 each, I will rarely pass them up.  That’s about $.10 per hour of entertainment.  Sometimes I can’t believe the dollar costs of books these days.  (And yes, I realize they would be “free” if I went to the library.)
Anyway, one of the main reasons for stopping at the bookstore was to kill time.  I was supposed to be going over to a friend’s house to help him with his tax returns. I was due at 12:30, and it was barely 11AM, but I decided to head over anyway.  We worked our way through the TurboTax software and finished about 3PM.  He offered to take me to lunch and I accepted.  We spent the next two hours over a leisurely lunch at an all you can eat Chinese  / Sushi restaurant in a local mall and talked about nothing (mostly movies and sports).  It was great to be out with a friend and just relaxing (and the food was good too)!
I then came home and had a natter (that’s “chat” in Scouse) with the wife.  She ate tea (that’s dinner in Scouse) and then we sat together on the couch and watched “UP!“.  I’ve already done a review of “UP!” before, actually it was simply a note we’d watched the movie and I highly recommended it.  The movie is interesting because it’s three movie’s in one – two shorts with a long (the real movie) in the middle.  The first short is about two people falling in love, getting married and growing old together.  It is very touching – all the more so when you’re cuddled up on the couch with your wife and the kids are all out.  The “real” movie is an adventure story about the man in the opening short after his wife has passed away.  He meets a friend, finds a dog (Squirrel!) named “Dug”, defeats a bad guy and saves a harmless wild bird.  The final “short” is a series of “photos” which run while the credits roll.  The movie is very heartwarming and a pleasure to watch repeatedly.  Again, I still highly recommend it.
And now, here I am blogging away about what a perfectly normal day it’s been and it is terrific.  I hope your disturbance in the time-space continuum has been just as pleasant (and normal).  And just remember – Squirrel!!
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