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Well, today was my last day before the last day, before I go on my detail.  As to be expected, there are new wrinkles…
I had a meeting with my boss and her boss.  The were both encouraging and wished me the best.  I reassured them both that was my intention and that it was definitely my intention to come back to my current position.  My goal is to do the best I can, represent my Center and our Region to the best of my ability, and to learn as much as I can in the process.
Jogging Note
Out for my evening jog again.  Not difficult, but not much fun either.  My left Achilles tendon began hurting pretty bad around the 55 minute mark.  It wasn’t getting bad enough so I knew I’d have to quit, but it was bad enough the jogging was more hurt than fun.  At least I got through it…
So far every jog has been the same – only 4 miles.  I think in about another week or so I’ll have to start up with a long, slow jog on one day a week.  I guess it’ll depend on how the detail is going.  If I have time, I do it.  If not, I’ll just keep to the slow and steady and try to keep first things first.
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