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Frosted windows on the car this morning.  I had to sit in the car for almost 10 minutes before the windows were defrosted enough for me to drive safely.
Whew!  A 12 – 3/4 hour day at work.  Six AM to 6:45 PM.  The class I taught seemed to go pretty well.  It didn’t really go as I hoped / planned.  I wanted it to be more interactive – 70% student talk and 30% instruction.  Instead, I’d say the ratio was reversed.  Well, they seemed to enjoy the training and they said they learned a lot.  Hopefully, some of it will stick and my backup (while I’m away on detail) will have a bit of an easier time for it.
Got home dead tired, so I changed and got out on the tarmac before I decided to blow off my daily goal.  I completed the 70 minutes (about four miles) and felt like I cruised through it pretty easily.  (That was a bit of a surprise.)  Sometimes the jogs which feel like they’re going to be a gut-check, actually end up being among your easiest.  I would not say it’s “easy” – yet – but I definitely feel like I’m making progress again.
A nice, big bowl of chilli and rice for dinner – YUM!!  Life is GOOD!
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