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Today I got the news of which apartment I’ll actually be in and a photo of the floor plan.  Here it is…

Floor plan for my the apartment in Baltimore

Layout for the temporary “crib”…

And so, the excitement begins to build…
Book Review
Wow!  I finally finished “An Incomplete Education, 3rd Edition” by Judy Jones and William Wilson (2006©).  This book is a survey of human knowledge and history.  It divides this knowledge along twelve lines: American Studies, Art History, Economics, Film, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Science and World History – with a Lexicon (aka dictionary) at the end.  Just the fact they use “lexicon” instead of “dictionary” tells you almost all you need to know about this book.  The part it doesn’t is that the author’s deal with each subject with a bit of humor.
Because I am the way I am, before starting this review, I read a number of the buyer’s reviews at sales sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) and many of the books critics do seem to miss the point of the book – everyone’s education is incomplete and just reading this book isn’t going to change that.  I do feel what the book lacks in depth, it makes up for with breadth and honest opinion.  I don’t begrudge an author their opinion, as long as they don’t try to pretend their opinion IS the reality.  Jones and Wilson never gave me this impression.  In fact, they seem to encourage you to go out and find your own truth in personal experience and deeper pursuit of understanding.  I HIGHLY recommend this book.  I probably retained no more than 10% of what I read, but the exposure to the range of topics presented has made me better and begun to create the memory links I will need as I continue to learn, grow, consider and more partially complete my own incomplete education.
I intend to set the book down in a handy location so I can flip through it every now and then – to extract quotes and blog topics, if for nothing else.
Evening Jog
Out for another jog.  Man was it cold!!  I got through another 4 miles and tried another two “tastes” of intervals.  The first one was only about fifty yards, before the Achilles pain started.  That was at about the 2 mile mark.  The second was at the 3.5 mile range and I did the fifty yards with no pain.  I stopped at that distance because I didn’t want to risk injury with my trip coming up this weekend.  There seemed to be a hint of ground fog, so there weren’t as many stars out as last night.
Tomorrow should be a busy but enjoyable day.  I’m supposed to present an all-day workshop on creating data store queries.  The plan is to open with a review of the tool (Hyperion) interface, and then just pose some questions which we’ll try to answer during the remainder of the day.  I’ve never tried this quasi-Socratic method of instruction before, so it will be interesting for me.  I’m hoping to adapt / modify the “workshop” method with what I call “Performance Oriented Training” (POT).  With POT, the instructor shows and tells, walks you through, and then let’s you try to perform the task.  If you struggle, the instructor goes back to step one and then step two and then allows the student to try step three again (on their own).  Eventually, the student is able to complete the task without the instructor’s aid.  They have demonstrated they are able to “perform” the task at the end of training.  Hence the title.
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