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One week to go ’til my flight to Baltimore…
I tried to push through and complete my reading of “An Incomplete Education“, but I didn’t quite make it.  I’ve still got some 20 odd pages to go.  I decided I’d rather post a quick entry and finish it tomorrow.  So far, it’s been a terrific read – thought provoking even when not fully understood (appreciated).  I realize (am reminded of) my memory limitations when I read an overview of knowledge like this.  I flipped back through some of the earlier chapters and realize how little I have retained.  That’s the difference between hearing / reading and learning / internalizing something.
Today was the celebration of the Epiphany in church.  The sermon was interesting because the priest was trying to advise us that sometimes the “illumination” can be from a thousand little candles (family and friends) in our daily lives and doesn’t necessarily have to be a sudden revelation from God.  I have never considered “epiphany” in this way, but it certainly does warrant consideration.
My jog seemed harder today.  For whatever reason, I felt as if I had less to think about.  When that happens, my mind wanders and loses track of time – which sometimes makes it seem longer rather than shorter.  Sometimes it works the other way.  No, I don’t know why.  I just know the sensation / observation of time lengthening can go either way based on thought or non-thought.
Rebecca returned to UCLA today.  She left at 8AM and didn’t get there until about 10:30PM.  Snow on I-5, and lots of accidents.  The girl she drove down with had to turn around, go back North and then go down 101.   Still, they got there safe, so we can stop worrying.
Hil and I ended the evening sitting on the couch, looking at the Christmas tree and just quietly chatting.  It’s something we like to do each year.  Sometimes we talk about the year gone by, sometimes our plans for the future, sometimes we just chat and enjoying being with each other.
Another Christmas and New Year’s gone and I have health, love, family and faith.  God is Great and I am a lucky man…
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