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Well, the start of another year!
Hil, Sarah, Jane (a friend of Hil’s) and I welcomed in the New Year with a toast of apple cider and a relatively quiet evening at our house talking and watching the Doctor Who marathon on the BBC.  We switched over to KRON for the midnight fireworks in San Francisco.
Today, I gave James another driving lesson.  After that, I set up Skype on my home computer so I can talk with Hil while I’m away on my detail.
In the evening, I went for my first jog of the new year.  I’ve decided my New Year’s resolution is to walk at least 30 minutes each day this year (unless I do something more strenuous) – but a 30 minute walk will be my minimum.  Normal walking during the day doesn’t count.  This means I can do the walk if I’m stuck at an airport or mall or otherwise not able to jog, swim or whatever.
I’ve added a page to this site where I plan to start keeping track.  Today shows my jog.
This week will be busy at work as I get ready for my upcoming detail to Baltimore, MD.  I’m giving a short (1 hour) class on Monday and then an all-day workshop class on Wednesday.  The rest of the time, I’ll be trying to show my backup how to run the reports I normally run at the end / start of each month.  We’ll also spend some time going over other procedures (trouble-shooting and software installations, etc.)
I’ve started reading some of the material I printed out in advance of the detail, but I’m a slow learner when I don’t have practical “hooks” to associate material with in my memory.  And Lord, it seem like a boatload of acronyms!  Anyway, I hope I learn a lot when I get there.
Once again, the plan is work, workout, read and blog…

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