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[The problem with succession planning systems in companies is:]  …most existing systems fall short, in both evaluation and development, because they lack a framework for characterizing developmental assignments.  Without such a framework, it is problematic to make comparisons between high-potential individuals placed in dissimilar situations.  Succession planners also lack a way of describing — and thus managing — the sequence of positions through which high-potential leaders progress.
    —    Michael Watkins
From his book:  “The First 90 Days
[In other words, jobs are different and people are different, so there is NO reliable way to “groom” high-potential individuals in any company, let alone in any field of endeavor.  Even the same job is different in a few years.  Even the same person is different with a little more age (and / or experience).  “Grooming” is actually advance rewarding of someone who might be able to do the job when it needs doing and when they are placed in the position of responsibility.  It is not a systematic way of preparing a number of potential candidates to see which rise to the occasion and become the great captains of industry.  Why it (succession planning, leadership development programs) is done is usually political, not based on rational selection or merit.  Unfortunately, it seems meritocracy is as big an illusion as security.
Not even the King can be sure his heir will be worthy of the throne (but at least the Queen can certify the Prince has passed the first test – legitimacy!)    —    kmab]

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Today I finished Book Three of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: “The Titan’s Curse“, by Rick Riordan (2007©).  Percy finds out that sometimes growing up can feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.
I’m continuing to read through the series at a pretty good pace now.  This is the third one in a little over a week.  They are quite good.  A fast read.  Entertaining.  Definitely a “youth” series, but still enjoyable for those of us who are young at heart.  I still highly recommend the series to anyone trying to get their young to early-teen-sons to read.
I am going to look forward to seeing the movie based on the first book now…

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