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One weekend each year, the Knights of Columbus give away Tootsie-Rolls at local stores and collect funds for local charities.  This was the weekend for my chapter and today was the day I agreed to give two hours of my day to this worthy cause.  Hilary (my wife) agreed to keep me company.

Together, we stood outside our local Safeway store (on Willow Pass Road in Concord, CA) and gave away candy.  There is no obligation to give to receive the candy.  We are NOT selling the Tootsie-Rolls, and we make no mention of any obligation to give.  If a passer-by chooses to give, we thank them.  If they don’t, we still wish them a good day and offer a smile.

The variety of folks who come by (some give and some don’t) and the generosity of those who are able to give (and do) continues to surprise me.   God bless you all…  Those who gave us funds AND those who only gave us smiles.

Below are a couple of snapshots of Hil giving away the Tootsie-Rolls…

There are thousands of worthy causes in your local community.  Find one that matters to you.  If you have the funds, donate.  If all you have is time, share it.  Find a problem (big or small) and be a part of the solution…


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