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I returned to work today after taking the day off yesterday to attend the SF Giants World Series victory parade.  Busy, busy, busy…
I’ve put on a ton since the playoffs started.  Missed a bunch of mornings at the gym so I could start early / leave early to watch the games.  Now, I have to pay the piper.
I did a slow jog today to try to get back into it.  70 minutes 4.23 miles.  Then finished with some light stretching.  My lower back is killing me today.  Got home and asked my son to set up my inversion machine so I could have a good hang.  It was so-so effective.  I got a good spinal pop, but I’ve still got pain too.
Tomorrow is another day…
Still in a minor funk about Tuesday’s election results.  The “best” government money can buy – trouble is I don’t want my government bought.  Tomorrow is another day – and 2012 is already three days closer.  The only question is how far back the new House can take us in the next two years.  The President got on the TV to tell us how now we have to compromise.  There is NO compromise with people who are willing to destroy the nation (politically, financially, socially and spiritually) in order to make our current President a failure and try to get themselves back in power.  In another time, these people would have been called traitors to the United States.
It will be interesting to see who can see beyond politics and who looks after the nation’s long-term interests – on both sides of the aisle…
The clarion call is sounding.  What will you be doing for YOUR country for the next two years?

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