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Well, the SF Giants did it!!!  They won the first two games of the World Series at home, then they went to the Rangers home park, dropped one and won the next two.  They completed the Series with a dominating 4 wins to 1 loss.  The Game 5 score was 3 to 1.
Tim Lincecum faced off against Cliff Lee, who prior to facing the Giants had been 7 wins and 0 losses in post-season play.  Against the Giants (and the Lincecum lead), Lee is now 0 wins and 2 losses.
Brian (“Fear The Beard”) Wilson closed the game with another brilliant strike out.  The Series MVP was Edgar Renteria who capped his Series tonight with a three run homer in the top of the seventh inning.  The Rangers avoided a third shutout with a solo home run of their own in the bottom of the seventh, but that was all they had and it wasn’t near enough to extend the Series and take it back to San Francisco for Games 6 and 7.
What did we learn: The Giants pitching is MUCH better than the Rangers hitting.  The Rangers pitching is not as good as the Giants.  Paper lineup advantages don’t always win on the field.  When a team beats you 4 games to 1, you need to stop saying “the best team doesn’t always win“.  The “better team” just put a good old-fashioned whuppin’ on ya – and you weren’t the “best team”.
We love you 2010 San Francisco Giants – World Series Champions and thanks for the torture!!!
Until next season, one last time:



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Just a curiosity…
52 – years since the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco
54 – 1954 was the last year the Giants won a World Series (in New York)
56 – years since the Giants won a world series
58 – 1958 was the year the Giants moved from New York to San Francisco
No significance.  Just a curiosity…
Go Giants!!! I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!

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