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Bumgarner’s Heat is Orange and Black!!!
Giants Win Game 4;  Shutout in Texas 4 to 0!!! One Win To Go!!

Giants Win Game 4; Shutout in Texas 4 to 0!!! One Win To Go!!

The Giants won Game 4 of the 2010 World Series the way they’ve been winning all post-season – dominating pitching, excellent defense and timely big hits.  Tonight’s game was only the second Ranger shutout at home this season!!
Yesterday I posed the question – do you go for broke and pitch Lee with short rest and take a chance he’s still ready for another short rest to end the World Series if it gets to Game 7?  The Rangers decision was NO.  Lee will start Game 5 and face Lincecum.  The problem is, now you are down 3 games to 1 and you have to win ’em all to take the title.
The flip side to this question is the assumption Lee would have won tonight’s game.  Given Bumgarner’s performance, that is not a very strong assumption.  It’s likely Lee would have lost anyway and his aura of invincibility would be completely shattered.
Leaving aside the Lee issue as something now lost to the vagaries of baseball’s “what-if’s”, the more pressing issue for the Rangers is now who they will use in their middle-inning relief role.  They have been using Alexi Ogando, but he appeared to injure himself (his left side) on his sixth batter.  Up to then, he had retired the first five batters faced with little problem.  If Ogando is now out for the remainder of the Series, it seems even a more remote a possibility the Rangers can hold off the Giants for three straight games.  Time will tell…
What we’ve learned after four:  Our 1 pitcher is as good as theirs.  Our 2 and 4 pitchers are much better than theirs.  Our 3 pitcher is not that much worse than theirs.  Our fielding / defense is as good as theirs.  Our hitting is as good as theirs.  Our base running doesn’t seem any worse than theirs.  They may be faster, but they don’t get on as much and don’t get hits with men in scoring positions.  All in all, big advantage to the Giants.
It’s hard not to count the chickens before they’re hatched, but I can’t see how the Rangers can pull this back without one of the biggest collapse’s in modern sports history.
Prediction:  Giants in 5.
Go Giants!!! I AM ORANGE INSIDE!!!

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This morning I read another of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians books.  This wasn’t one of the series novels.  It was only a filler of three short stories.  The book is titled:  “The Demigod Files” and is written by Rick Riordan (2009©).  The three stories are background stories meant to add friends and further establish the “hero” status of Percy amongst his peers.
Again, the book is a very fast read and a fun read.  I still feel the series is targeted for youth and therefore lacks a “gravitas” some coming of age stories have, but they are fun.  And if you’re going to target the kids to youth market, fun will sell a lot better than gravitas.  I continue to highly recommend the series.

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