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End of week one.  Weighed in, down 2 lbs.  Morning at the gym – 5K (3.1 miles) 44:57.  Roughly 15 minutes per mile, but the first minute I walk (so the first mile is the slowest);  finished mile two at 30 minutes and the last mile and one tenth for the difference.  Slightly faster for each mile…  Progress…  Slowly, slowly.
Drank 32 ounces of water during and immediately after the workout.  No call from the doctor, yet.  No heart palps today!!  Hopefully, it was all just a passing phase.
Oh, and another “no-sock” jog in the test shoes (Body Glove Triton Socks).  Slightly longer duration and distance – with no noticeable discomfort (toe-curling).  It looks like I will be able to finish the evaluation after all.

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Last night Hil was watching Larry King interview Bob Woodward about his new book:  “Obama’s Wars“.  Even though I don’t normally watch “puff-piece” quasi-journalistic interviews, I sat down, because I’ve read several of Woodward’s books.
The most interesting (damning) thing I heard during the hour was the claim that President Obama attended a meeting with his Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs expecting to get several options for Afghanistan and was only given one.  The President stated having only one option was unacceptable and Secretary Gates replied (something to the effect):  “Yeah, we owe you one there.”
The option provided – to increase troops – was ultimately adopted.
What I have to ask is – why was Gates not asked immediately for his resignation and the head of the Joint Chiefs given one week to formally (and personally) present at least two additional options?
Basically, we are talking about insubordination by the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs.
They knew what was requested and they appear to have chosen NOT to perform their duties.  There is nothing at all wrong with disagreeing with policy, but when you are in command and you honestly feel you cannot fulfill or comply with the orders you have been given, the only honorable course of action is for you tender your resignation.
In the United States of America, the elected government (the President) is the superior command authority of the military.  The Joint Chiefs willful attempt to corner the President in the decision making process of an active conflict is the grossest form of misconduct and they should be ashamed of themselves.
If this story is true, this book will be a future case study at the military academies (and at civilian universities) as to how senior officers can fail in their service to a democratic society.
Needless to say, it staggers me to think of this group of men who have “dedicated” their lives to the service of their country can so fundamentally misunderstand the nature and role of the military in the history of the United States.
I put this on a par with the insubordination shown Lincoln (by McClellan) during the Civil War and MacArthur’s actions towards Truman during the Korean Conflict.
My mind has drifted back to this topic several times today…
When I got home from work, I went into the bedroom to change and there was a bag on my pillow.  Inside was a present…  A book!
Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s War“, with a note from my Hil saying,
Dear Kev,
Thought you would like spending time reading this book.  So I got if for you.
Love Always,
Small, frequent acts of personal thoughtfulness and kindness…  towards me (and others).  That’s why I love her!

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