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Well, back to work and back to the gym…
Got weighed in today for our annual “Biggest Loser” competition. The usual goal is to get folks to drop some pounds before the holiday meals start and then kick off a “maintain don’t gain” program through the New Year.
Starting at 305 lbs. I’m back up 13 lbs from my low of 292 lbs early in April of this year. Sounds like a lot, but I’m still down from my unofficial high of 337 lbs last year. “Officially” I started last years’ Biggest Loser at 329 lbs; so, I’m still down some 24 lbs. My “unofficial” weight was what I weighed two weeks before my official weigh-in.
The bottom line is I’ll need to get back to my long jogs again if I want to lose the weight.  Hil and I have been on the Fat Smash Diet for so long it’s no longer working.  Of course, that’s mostly because we’re not super-strict anymore.  We’re pretty close, but not “super”.
I had a short workout today.  I was struggling to get into it.  I raised a good sweat, but – in total – it was a so-so workout.  Two miles jogging and 15 minutes rowing, then 10 minutes of weightlifting.
We’re supposed to be getting a couple of new machines in the gym – a rower and some waist-twistey contraption where I gather you swing your butt from side to side.  I’ve not seen the latter, yet.  I’ve been told it’s just like on TV, but I guess I’ve not seen the infomercial.  It’s supposed to exercise the sides of your stomach.  We’ll see…
On a strictly political note: the provisions of the Health Care Reform started kicking in today.  I must admit to feeling disappointed with the whole thing.  It just hasn’t gone far enough to make a difference – and certainly not in the short term.  Still, I have to tell myself to keep the faith and remember Social Security, Medicare and Veterans Benefits all started out the same – too little – and they eventually got better.
I was watching the news today and saw the Republican’s “Pledge to America” dog and pony show.  The mantra “privatize, privatize, privatize” is so old now!  I can’t believe after the failure of the banks and stock markets that Republican’s still want to turn Social Security, Medicare and the VA over to private industry.  They “honestly” think the problem with the economy was (is) too much government regulation.
All of you folks who’ve lost your retirement funds because of economic collapse; all of you folks who’ve lost your jobs (and homes) because of outsourcing; all of you folks (almost 2,000) who’ve become ill from eating tainted eggs in the last few months because of lack of government health and food inspectors; all of you long-term (over one year) unemployed workers who can’t get jobs because you’re “too old” (over 40) and “too inflexible” (can’t live on minimum wage with no company health insurance, retirement or periodic re-skilling on the company’s dime); all of you young folks who don’t want the “burden” of carrying the older workers in our society (“you need to retire so we can move up the ladder”), who have to live at home (your college degree earns you an unpaid internship) because you have no work experience (but you’ve got $50 to $100K in college loan debt); all of you — tell me how you are going to vote come November???

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