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Today’s additions are two more song lyrics from musicals from my childhood and another poem by Robert Frost.
The first, Camelot, I think of fondly from a thoroughly biased view of history.
In the early 60’s, America in general, and Washington, D.C in particular seemed to me to be a magical place where even a Catholic could grow up to be President.  The majesty of the era has faded with the tragedy of assassination, the reality of adultery and the cynicism of politics before civil rights – but, for “a brief shining moment…”
The second, “The Impossible Dream“, is from the play (and movie): “The Man From LaMancha” which is based on the story of “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes.
I must admit to have fancied that I’ve lived my life learning the hard way most of the time and to have constantly sought to tilt against windmills.
The funny thing is…  I’m not entirely sure that many people would say either of those things about me.  Some would describe me as “traveled”, but not I think  as “Quixotic”.
In any case, Frost’s poem is (of course):  “The Road Not Taken“.
Perhaps, for me, the windmills have been more personal and/or perceived than real.
Still, less traveled.  …And that has made all the difference.

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