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Today I’ve added four poems.  Three of them are mine and one is (a second poem) by Robert Frost.
My three are titled:  “Lost And Found“, “Julie’s Poem” and “This I Hold As True“.  The Frost poem is titled:  “Mending Wall“.
My poem, “This I Hold As True” was my response (meager as it is) to Frost.  I do think we each have walls and I’m not sure his poem does much (if anything) to explain or reduce the walls.  But then, I’m not sure that was Frost’s intent either.  My own feeling is that he was pointing them (walls) out and (mildly) mocking them.
“Julie” was a young lady I knew from high school days.  She heard I wrote poetry and asked me to write her something – so I did.  Showing that it really is a small world, Julie went to school and became a registered nurse.  Five years ago, when I had my heart problem and went to the ER, she was the triage nurse – and in a way – helped save my life!

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Today I’ve added two links.  One is for my cousin Adrian Yanez who has guitar / music site named:  Arpeggio Inc and the second is for my brother-in-law Art Brockmeyer who has a saxophone / music site named:  Berkeley Saxophone Quartet.
[23 August 2013 – Blog update.  Both of these sites have been allowed to lapse.  Oh, well…  Time passes.    —    kmab]

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Here’s a song that is particularly poetic…  Love plays games, Doubt tries to convince us, and sometimes, Life shows compassion.  Enjoy reading – A One In A Million, then go listen to the sweet sound of Larry Graham.

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This is a continuation of the series of blogs I was writing about the drive I took with my wife (Hil) and our youngest daughter (Sarah) back at the end of July.  The main point of the trip was to see Crater Lake.  Along the way, I wanted to see some redwoods, some light houses, some waterfalls and some covered bridges…
The day two drive seemed the longest.  We had to go from Crescent City – in northern California – half-way up the coast of Oregon to spend the night at Florence, Oregon.  We were going to Florence because a friend at work had  told me it had an “old town” with lots of little shops my wife would love.  I thought it would be the high light of the trip for her so I planned for us to stay in a hotel right in the old town area.
We did.  We stayed at the Old Town Inn which was directly off the bridge entering town and around the corner from the old town area.  The hotel was clean and friendly (if a bit musty smelling), but it was ideal for price and location.  There is a free “lite” continental breakfast and pretty good parking.  We also recommend it.  The particulars are:
Old Town Inn
Florence, Oregon
Just north of the Siuslaw River Bridge at 170 Highway 101
The AAA guide says you have to book for two nights – but you don’t.  I would recommend calling ahead for reservations as the hotel is so close to the sand skiing areas, it can get full earlier than you’d expect.
For dinner we went to “Mo’s” restaurant.  It was scenic if you can get a window table overlooking the Siuslaw River and we got a sundown view of the bridge.  The price was reasonable and the service was good, but the food was only average-to-good.
To be honest, we were disappointed with the shops in the Old Town.  I had browsed the web and got the impression it was a neighborhood.  In fact, it was more of a three-block strip.  It was kind of a miniature Fisherman’s Wharf tourist area with T-shirt shops and a few local restaurants and bars.

Oregon Shoreline

Mo’s Restaurant – Florence, OR

Me at the Siuslaw River Bridge Sign

Me at the Siuslaw River Bridge (Florence, OR)

Very cool, art-decco looking bridge

The Siuslaw River Bridge at dusk

The Old Town Inn

Another Shot of the Oregon Coast

Waves on the Oregon Coast


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Way back when I was seven years old, I made friends with Ralph James Beierly.  I literally grew up with him and his family.  Ralph’s father (Pete) was my sponsor at my Confirmation.  My son James, is named after Ralph – (Ralph insisted I use his middle name).
I haven’t seen most of them in years, but we manage to keep in touch mostly by Facebook these days.  Frank Beierly (Ralph’s older brother) is one of the first people I knew to publish a family site.  It’s located at: Beierly Home Page.  I’m not sure when Frank first started it, but it’s pretty old (well over five years!).

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