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Well, the last two days I’ve been off ill with some kind of throat problem.  It felt like I had a couple of walnuts under my jaws.  It was difficult to swallow and my voice was raspy.  I used my home remedy – gargling with warm salt water and it’s mostly cleared up.  Enough so I can go back to work tomorrow, anyway.
I mostly slept, but yesterday I did have a chance to finish another book: “Galloway’s Book On Running by Jeff Galloway, (1984©).  This is one of those books considered a “classic” in its field (running).  I very much tend to read a few books for interest and then dive into “the classics” to gain a deeper historical perspective.  I also feel it’s good to read the originals because they get cited in the more recent books.   (This is usually how I find out they are the classic/standard in the field.)
The author is a former Olympic runner and is obviously very experienced as someone who has “been there, done that”.  He offers a number of insights which don’t necessarily agree with others, but which are common to my experience.  The book is wide-ranging from shoes, to injuries, to diet, to training advice and schedules.  The author is very readable and there are sufficient illustrations to show the points he is trying to make.
I would say the book is well worth reading and saving on your shelf for periodic referencing.  I know I will use it this way.
I went to my cardiologist today for my semi-annual checkup.  My weight is down 38 pounds from my last appointment and my good and bad cholesterol are both headed in the right directions (up and down).  My pulse and blood pressure were also very good.  He’s given me a clean bill of health to continue the workouts and he said if I show continued progress in June, I may be able to reduce my medications.
I talked to Rebecca yesterday with Skype.  It’s really nice to be able to see the person you’re talking with.  This is definitely the way of the future!

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