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Back on 20 Feb 2010, I finished reading “The Four-Minute Mile” by Roger Bannister, copyright 2004 (originally 1955).  This is considered one of the top five greatest books ever written about running.  I would have to say, I also felt it was excellent!
It’s the autobiography of the first man to break the four minute mile.  Bannister is very flowery in his writing style (typical old-style British), but he also captures his sheer joy in and love of running.  It’s a very fast read because you get caught up in the emotion of the effort.  I found it interesting that the climax of the book is not his breaking the four-minute barrier, but his winning the one on one competition with his main rival of the time.
I worked overtime yesterday and got home to a very pleasant surprise – Rebecca was up from UCLA to do some politics in Sacramento.  She stopped by on the way home to spend the night with us.  We had a couple of very pleasant talks and then she left to go back to college a little after noon.

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