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Well, January has gone and we’re now into February.  I did five 4-hour jogs in Jan.  The last one was on my toes the whole time.  My forefeet are a little sore, but other than that, I feel very good.  Jogging “normally” (with a roll over my heel), I’d usually be hurting most everywhere – feet, knees, back, elbows – just about everywhere.  So, this must be a “better” method if it hurts less.
I got a new personal best (PB) on the StairMaster at work.  I did 104 floors, yesterday.  That’s up from my prior best, which was 100 floors, and was just set the prior week.
Before that, my PB was 74 floors.
The diet is still going…  I’m down to 295 lbs – which is 34 lbs lost.  I was hoping for more by now, but I’m making progress, so I can’t complain too much.  For any British readers, that’s 2 – 1/2 stones lost.
I finally got my netbook to play DVD’s with sound.  It turns out the external disk drive I bought has a DVD player, but it doesn’t play Dolby sound.  They want an extra $14 for that.  It turns out that I have my own DVD player that does come with sound.  So, I’m able to use my notebook as a little video player.

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