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As mentioned previously, I just finished reading a book about the Western States 100 Endurance Run (WS100).  Part of the book describes the start of the race to the first checkpoint.  I guess it’s about four miles (as the crow flies) distance.  The book goes on to explain that it’s also about 4,000 thousand feet higher than the starting point and the starting line is over 5,000 feet in elevation.  Basically, you’re starting a mile in the sky and going another mile before you reach the first checkpoint!
Anyway, I was curious what this would feel like – the climbing (not the actual altitude), so today I went to the gym at work and started “climbing”.  At 30 minutes, I had reached about 650 feet.  At the end of 1 hour, I had covered 3 miles distance, but only 1522 feet in elevation.  (Remember, this is without the altitude.)  I was covered in sweat and really puffing – and I’d done only about 1/3 of the elevation, with none of the altitude.  It seems as if this is COMPLETELY insane.  All the more reason to try to do it.
This evening I did another 2 hour jog (really a double-time) – about 7 miles.  My second consecutive day of a two hour jog.  It’s definitely not something I can keep up for consecutive days, but it’s nice to feel strong enough to get thru a couple.  I have a feeling, I’ll be doing more shorter jogs and then one long one a week until I can build up enough strength and stamina to do a couple of long runs a week.

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