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I’m starting my second cycle of the diet.  Today is day three of week one.  As of yesterday, I’d lost 14.9 lbs!!  My goal for the first three weeks (1 full cycle) was 16.6 pounds, so I didn’t quite make that, but I got close.
I’ve started jogging in the evening to increase the workouts.  So far I’ve gone four days straight.  I reckon I’m going about 3.5 mph.  I know it’s slow, but I keep telling myself I’m still 315 lbs, so I don’t want to go too fast and get shin splints or some other injury that may slow down the overall progress.
I’m fairly used to the low calories now.  The hard part is keeping motivated.  The first week was easy – dropping over 5 lbs, but as the loss slows the motivation is harder.
My goal for the diet was 299 lbs by Thanksgiving.  That looks very unlikely now.  My new goal is 290 lbs by Christmas.  Then, I think, 260 by my birthday.

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