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This past week was a doozy for travel.  I flew out to Chicago for two days of work related training and then Hil and I drove Rebecca down to UCLA so she can start school this week.
National health care is going poorly.  The war in Afghanistan is getting worse – no end in sight.  And, (on a personal note,) the cost of college education is frightening.  To top it off, my home PC is slowly dying.  I just lost a hard drive.
On the way home from the airport on Thursday, I passed the “grave” site / memorial to the fallen soldiers near the Lafayette BART station.  5,166 deaths!!  I almost started to cry.
Today I purchased a cable to move photos from my phone to the PC.  I’ll be trying it out soon.
Travel is a funny thing…  This year I’ve driven to Seattle, WA and back.  Crater Lake, OR and back.  Phoenix, AZ and back.  And now, UCLA and back.  Add in the flights to and from Chicago (with a stop-over in Seattle to and from) and I’ve probably traveled 11 or 12  thousand miles this year.  Two hundred years ago, it would have taken someone years to travel that far.
Finally, the Niners won today!!!  2 wins, 0 losses!!  …and both wins are within our division!

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