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Today I had a long day working on modifying/updating an application I’ve had running at work for several years.  I work in Human Resources and we use a departmental database I developed several years ago to keep track of various things.  (How’s that for a description full of banal generalities?)
Generally, the project is interesting because it will tie another function into the application.  Specifically, it’s interesting because the main application is about four years old and this will be the first major modification.  It should allow me to review (and hopefully improve on) some of the things that got thrown together in the heat of the initial development.
On the drive home, I randomly remembered two poems from many years ago.  In Broken Images was a poem I first read as an introduction statement to a science book I had in high school.  Philosophically, it’s always been a guide post warning me to think for myself and question what I (and others) “know” to be absolutely true.  The Para’s Prayer was also an introduction statement in a book.  I don’t remember the book.  I believe it was called Devils In Baggy Pants, but I’m not sure.  I read it back while I was a young, gung-ho trooper in the Army.
I hope you enjoy them both.  In case you’re interested – I still have the courage to ask…

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