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I believe we should have single-payer health care, with a public option and at a minimum all health insurance providers need to have “prior conditions” precluded by federal law.
I believe the greatest source of creative wealth is the small business and one of the largest costs every small business has is health care – even when it is only provided for the owner and his or her family.
I believe the cost of health insurance is growing so large and so fast that soon, only the wealthy will have it – or be able to afford it.  Like company pensions, employer provided health insurance will whither and die under the promise of “subsidized” health insurance.  The employee share will increase, the employer share will decrease and the cost will continue to escalate.
As a nation, we currently spend more money per person on health insurance and medical costs than any other nation on earth and have measurably worse general and preventative care.  In essence, we pay for the pound of cure because we don’t want to pay for the ounce of prevention.
The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is NOT gambling / risk taking, extravagant living beyond one’s means, or moral failure (alcohol, drugs or sex) – the leading cause of personal bankruptcy IS the non-insured cost of catastrophic illness or injury.
Even if one does not believe we are each our brother’s keeper, we all face the same end if we live long enough to reach it — old age, incapacity, and ultimately long-term full-time personal care.  This issue (health care) – baby-boomers, is the future for ALL of us “lucky” enough to live long, full lives.
The only question is do we start to make a down payment on the costs now, by instituting fundamental change in how we pay for everyone’s health care or do we wait until the whole population is older and the costs are far, far more.  I vote for change now!
…And I commit to contact my local, state and federal representatives individually to tell them I will ONLY support them in their next election if they make their own position on health care public record.  Further, I will tell them I will support any legitimate candidate running against them in the next primary if they fail to support health care reform this year.  I will work against them by giving my time and my money.
I urge everyone reading this to make the same commitment.

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