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I’ve added a whimsical poem I wrote back in September 1973 to describe myself as punctuation.

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Thursday (07/30/2009), James and I drove up to see Crater Lake in Oregon.  Friday we came back along the CA coast (Grant’s Pass to Crescent City to Eureka to Santa Rosa to Concord).
We listened to music and just talked.  I had a good time just being alone with my son and cruising in the car.  Crater Lake was spectacular and the drive back down thru the redwoods was beautiful.  I highly recommend both to anyone.
Today, the whole family went to support **** **** in his run for Congress.  Rebecca and Sarah are both actively working for the campaign.
[Note: this blog has been edited – on 16 Oct 2010 – to remove information specific to a partisan candidate.   Neither the candidate’s name nor the link led to a page designed to contribute directly to the candidate’s campaign.
I have recently become aware of rules stating federal employees are not to post information for active partisan campaigns on blogs or social sites.  I am a federal employee and subject to the Hatch Act.  Obviously, this campaign has concluded, but I am removing the name and link to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.  Further, I have reviewed my entire blog to ensure compliance with this new “understanding” of my requirements.
I have links to sites which are partisan, but the links are to the HOME pages and not to specific pages for contributing funds for parties or candidates.  I believe this is in compliance with the Hatch Act requirements.
If you click through any of my links to these sites and find the “HOME” pages have been changed to pages specifically created to contribute funds for active campaigns or candidates, please notify me and I will remove the link until the link is returned to a “normal” home page.]

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